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Voice: Tenor               Hair: Blonde               Eyes: Blue               He/Him


Into the Woods



Something Rotten

Ens. (u.s. Jack, Steward)

Chuck Cranston

The REV Theatre Co. | Brett Smock

NCC Summer Theatre | William Mutimer
NCC Summer Theatre | William Mutimer
NCC Summer Theatre | William Mutimer

Education & Training

BFA Musical Theatre, Nazareth College 2023

Program Director(s): Christine O'Grady Roberts, Corinne Aquilina, Nicolette Hart

Main Stage


Love's Labour's Lost

Into The Woods


Chaplin The Musical

Aaron Fox


Cinderella's Prince
Ens. (u.s Pippin)
Ens. (u.s. Chaplin)

Nazareth College | Kurt Domoney

Nazareth College | Trey Compton
Nazareth College | Hunter Foster
Nazareth College | Christine O'Grady Roberts
Nazareth College | Valerie Wright


A Girl Named Bernie
American Psycho

Peter Broman
Luis Carruthers

Nazareth College | Christine O'Grady Roberts
Nazareth College | Brett Smock
Nazareth College | Ian Patterson 

Voice: Bill Daugherty, Dr. Mario Martinez, Kate Ferguson-Schmidl
Acting: David Hadinger, Danny Hoskins, Matthew Ames
Dance: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre | Jeff Shade, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Michael Deeb Weaver,
             Tug Watson, Paige Cummings
Master Classes: Brett Smock, Trey Compton, Bob Clyne, Daniel Gwirtzman, Jordan Fife

Special Accomplishments

NATS National Finals, Third Place        
RBTL’s Stars of Tomorrow NYC Bound Finalist | 2018, 2019

Special Skills

Instruments: Intermediate Guitarist (played in RENT, Pippin, Love's Labour's Lost), Beginner Piano,    
                     Hand Drums 
Impressions: Gilbert Gottfried, Gollum, Smeagol, Monty Python characters, Spongebob's laugh, 
                     Star Wars characters
Accents: Australian, Cockney, General Southern, Scottish, Irish, New York, Russian, Standard British
Sports: Baseball, Soccer, Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Long Distance Running, High Vertical Leap
Other: Conversation, Improv, Facial Hair, Beatles & Beach Boys Trivia, Movie Connoisseur

Singer | Actor | Musician | Dancer

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